Marina Georgievna Naumova


Calabart-com. “Turkish pomegranate.” 6 09/10/2018 09/10/2018

Turkish pomegranate is a big lamp from an African pumpkin. It has the shape of a slightly flattened ball and a small flirtatious slope.

I got a great pleasure working with that! The fruit is surprisingly tight, but it can be cut very easily. Quite thick and dense shell of pumpkin gives the flow of the artist’s imagination and allows you to make half-cut patterns and ornaments. In combination with thousands of holes it turns out to be an incredibly beautiful golden glow.

The lamp is supplemented with man-made transparent pomegranate inclusions, which slip along round shapes of the fruit. The lamp had been created more than 4 months.

The lamp stands on a specially made wooden stand. Led lightning.

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